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1. “Endless” by Tina Callaghan
So quickly. Everything changed so quickly and not even a second could be rolled back.

2. “Sin and Toil” by Brent Knowles
I am unworried now that others might claim my prize. We do not fight over our spoils. Not our way, anymore.

3. “Nennorluk Goes Down Deep” by Chris Tarry
The Fairty, she was the first of many boats, Gus told Sammy. Rigs whose sole purpose was to swallow cod. Twenty-four-seven fishing factories. But The Fairty, she got hers, or so the story goes. Her disappearance while en route to England with a belly full of cod, a mystery to this day.

4. “Gauntlet” by Shedrick Pittman-Hassett
A pair of shambling figures holding bits of iron and wood fashioned into makeshift clubs emerged from a cleft in the side of the cliff.

5. “Runt of the Litter” by Chadwick Ginther
Maybe that was why Loki had taken a shine to me. He was always the skinny smart kid to Thor’s hulking linebacker. I could relate to that.

6. “Moron” by Davyne DeSye
I’m the only one Junior ever been able to talk to and reckon it’s on account of me being the only one loves him in any measure and seeing as how I don’t mind him touching inside my head.

7. “Unforeseen Soup” by Dave Cherniak
Despite familial misfortune and genetic shortcomings, Griselda counts her blessings: an inherited Victorian estate, a vault of platinum ingots, and a vast garden of rich, dark soil to sustain the sisters, body and soul.


1. “Start Your Engines, and Retreat!” Editorial by Barb Galler-Smith

2. “Chris Tarry: A Life of Words and Music” Interview by Roberta Laurie


1. “Ryot Citi: Tomorrow’s Black Dawn” Comic by Chuck Bazaar

2. “Shanghai Coast” Poetry by Gary Pierluigi


Brandon Crilly is a high school History and English teacher from Burlington, Ontario. His speculative fiction has appeared in The End (2013), The Pleasure, the Pain and the Profit (2013) and That Not Forgotten (2012). For more information about Brandon’s work, please visit brandoncrilly.wordpress.com.

Tina Callaghan is a writer of horror fiction. She lives in Ireland with her dogs, cats and horse. She loves horror because it allows her to explore the human condition in crisis. She is always aware of the special atmosphere created by Ireland’s history, ancient and modern. Some of her short fiction can be found at www.thecleanwhitepage.com.

Brent Knowles has been published in The Journal Of Unlikely Entomology, Abyss and Apex, Neo-Opsis, Writers of the Future, and other magazines and anthologies, including several stories in previous issues of On Spec. Online he can be found at www.brentknowles.com where he blogs regularly about game design and writing.

Chris Tarry is a Canadian writer and musician living in Brooklyn. His fiction has appeared in The Literary Review, The G.W. Review, PANK, Bull Men’s Fiction, Monkeybicycle, and elsewhere. His nonfiction has appeared in the anthology, How To Expect What You’re Not Expecting, Outside In Literary & Travel Magazine, and other cool places. In 2012, his story “Here Be Dragons,” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Chris holds an MFA in creative writing from the University of British Columbia, and is a four-time Juno Award winner. He is also considered one of New York’s most sought-after bass players. His debut story collection, How To Carry Bigfoot Home, is forthcoming from Red Hen Press in Spring 2015.

Roberta Laurie is an instructor, writer, editor and lecturer. She teaches in the Bachelor of Communication Studies Program at MacEwan University and is currently writing her second book, Touching This Storied Land: Navigating the Narratives and Debate that Surround the Alberta Oil Sands.

Shedrick Pittman-Hassett is a professional librarian and avid gamer based in Denton, Texas, (“The Home of Happiness”) where he lives with his lovely wife and the obligatory demon-spawn cats. When not writing, gaming, or watching cheesy kung-fu flicks, he can sometimes be found in a pub (or the American equivalent) enjoying a fine brew.

Chadwick Ginther is the author of Thunder Road (Ravenstone Books). A bookseller for over ten years, when he’s not writing his own stories, he’s selling everyone else’s. He lives and writes in Winnipeg.

Davyne DeSye lives in Colorado with her husband and five children. Her stories have been published in, or will soon be appearing in, Tomorrow, Daily Science Fiction, Penumbra, MindFlights, Tales of the Talisman, Foliate Oak and Nth Degree. For more information, please visit Davyne’s website at www.davyne.com.

Dave Cherniak lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Faced with a deluge of rejections from publishers, he is considering self-publishing his eight novels and short-story collections in eBook form. This is Dave’s third published short story.

Gary Pierluigi has worked in Social Services while continuing to write. Since first being published in Quills, he has been published in numerous poetry journals, including CV2, Queen’s Quarterly, On Spec, Filling Station, The Dalhousie Review, The Nashwaak Review, and Grain. He was short listed for the CBC 2006 Literary Awards in the poetry category, a finalist in the Lit Pop Awards and received an honorable mention in The Ontario Poetry Society’s “Open Heart” Contest. His first poetry book, Over the Edge, has been published by Serengeti Press. He is currently completing his first novel. Static Airwaves, a collection of poems, is being published soon as an ebook, by Wolf on Water.

Chuck Bazaar is a writer\illustrator and Edmonton local. His identity was born out of the black and white static of the 1940s, for nothing more than dramatic effect. Love each other.

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