Spring 2011

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1. "The Guardians" by Kate Riedel
“I swear, Jeannie,” Aunt Nina told me once, “if it weren’t for all the horse sweat and horsehair I have to wash out of your jeans, I’d swear this friend of yours was imaginary.”
2. "Skipping Stones Until Nightfall" by Stacy Sinclair
My body doesn’t really feel like mine, anymore. Legs gone altogether, head spinning off.
3. "The Birds of Floor Number Forty-Seven" by Matthew Marinett


Spring 2011

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Short fiction by Stacy Sinclair, Matthew Marinett, Angela Dorsey, Steven M. Saus and more.

Featured Author Interview by Roberta Laurie. Cover Art by Justin Currie.

First Came the Bard

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by Robin Carson

Spring 2011

Recently, Ms. M. Jennie Frost and I had lunch together. Jennie, one of my dearest friends, has an amazing array of metaphorical hats that include her being a classicist and a published author.
She is also a professional storyteller of formidable ability.

At lunch, Jennie gave me a CD which had been produced by TALES, an acronym for The Alberta League Encouraging Storytelling. On the CD, called Undaunted Enchantments are nine tracks of “The

Spring 2011 author in Halifax Magazine

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Check out the article on Spring 2011 author Steve Vernon: http://halifaxmag.com/2011/07/blog/behind-the-scenes-our-julyaugust-cover/

He wrote "Harry's Mermaid".

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#82 Fall 2010 Vol. 22 No. 3 - SOLD OUT

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"Editorial: Redux" by Robin Carson


"Guest Editorial: It’s All Geek To Me" by Jen Laface

"Feature Author Interview: T. T. Trestle" by Roberta Laurie

"Feature Artist Supplement: Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk"


"An Infinity of Moments" by S. A. Bolich

"The Time Travellers’ Convention" by Wes Schofield

"The Big Rock Candy Mountain" by Scott A. Ellis

"At the Here ’n’ Now" by Michael Kaler

"Burning Things" by Shane Michael Arbuthnott

"When Jack Colliander Died" by Ian Donald Keeling


On Spec Newsletter - Tesseracts 15 book launch, the Pure Speculation Festival, the Royal Bison and more!

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On Spec Magazine is busy the last part of 2011! Kicking off the festivities is a book launch by our friends at EDGE publishing in Calgary of their annual anthology of short fiction.

1. Tesseracts 15 this Saturday, Oct. 15th @ 3:00 p.m. @ Greenwoods Books in Edmonton, AB
Co-edited by long-time editor Susan MacGregor with Julie Czernada, Tesseracts 15 features local Edmonton writers, Nicole Luiken, On Spec editor and layout/designer Cat McDonald, and Kate Boorman!

Other On Spec editors will be attending, plus a Publisher's Assistant!

Summer 2011

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1. "Hedge of Protection" by Steve Stanton
Zak scrambled after the headless chicken as it hopped and flapped from barn board to fencepost, blind, mute and panic-stricken. He grabbed a wing and wrestled the bloody creature down.
2. "Space Monkeys" by Ryan M. Williams
Watching Danny play is amazing. He is so quick and responsive in the game. When he pulls off a difficult move, you can almost see a smile on his lips.
3. "The Whole Megillah" by Allan Weiss


Summer 2011

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Short fiction by Steve Stanton, Priya Sharma, Chadwick Ginther, Ryan M. Williams and more.

Guest editorial by Hiromi Goto, Tiptree and Suburst AWard winner.

Farewell to Joanna Russ (1937-2011) by Candas Jane Dorsey.

Featured Author Interview by Roberta Laurie. Cover Art by Dan O'Driscoll.