So you want to be a writer

  • ACI Writing Tips: The World Wide Web's first comprehensive English-language writing assistance center, brought to you by ACI (Academic Consulting International), offers a small (but, we hope, valuable) collection of materials and resources to help with writing, for a nominal fee.
  • Common Errors in English: The best yet!!! An alphabetical list of common grammar errors (things like: * absorbtion * accept/except * accidently * adapt/adopt * adultry * adverse/averse * advice/advise * affect/effect * ain't * altogether/ all together * allude/refer * allusion/illusion * alot * alright * altar/alter * and so on). Take a look at this site -- it's so cool!
  • What If Magazine. What If? Online, a young writer\'s forum which is an offshoot of Canada's top teen writer\'s magazine.


  • Magazines Canada: News, information and events for and by Canada’s magazine industry professionals! Go to for a special offer - Subscribe to any 3 magazines and pay for only 2 — it's like getting one FREE!

Canadian Resources

  • Canada's Digital Collections: This website is one of the richest, most significant sources of Canadian content on the Internet. You can explore a vast array of multimedia resources celebrating Canada's history and culture, its landscapes, technology, scientific discoveries, and Aboriginal communities.
  • Images Canada: The gateway to images of Canadian events, people, places and things!

Magazines & Other

  • Abebooks: The world's largest online marketplace for used, rare, and out-of-print books. Abebooks connects those who buy books with those who sell them, providing abundant selection at affordable prices. Download a free copy of HomeBase, Abebooks' inventory management solution, available for Windows and Macintosh. Available in French, English and German.
  • The Antigonish Review: For nearly thirty years, The Antigonish Review has consistently published fine poetry and prose by emerging--and established--writers.
  • Ascent Aspirations Publishing: Home to Ascent Aspirations Magazine, a combination of an Online Literary Journal published quarterly and a print magazine/anthology published semi-annually.
  • Bewildering Stories: Bewildering Stories offers a home and audience to speculative writing in all genres. Non-fiction and reviews also welcome.
  • Directory SciFi: Your one-stop destination for anything related to sci-fi movies, comics, books, stories and more.
  • FetchBook: Are you looking for a particular book, and can't find it in a local new or used bookstore? Check this free site, and get access to over 60 bookstores around North America. We did a search on the On Spec: The First Five Years anthology, and found 2 copies in used bookstores in Burnaby, BC and San Fransisco, CA. Gotta love it!
  • Kasma Magazine: A magazine dedicated to publishing quality science fiction from new and established writers from all over the world. Each issue features four new and original works, published quarterly.
  • Locus Online: Covers the SF writing industry. Check out their "Links" page to see a list of publishers.
  • Neo-Opsis: Another fine Canadian science fiction magazine.
  • Penguin Books Canada: Publishes award-winning Canadian fiction and non-fiction for adults and children and distributes bestsellers from around the world. They have a great collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy - just go to the search section and choose from the pull down menu.
  • ReadAssist: Contains pages of links to sources of e-books, audio books, and paper books, to SF fannish activity, and (especially for those whose hands or eyes no longer do their bidding) to sources of gadgets and software (assistive technology) that will enable them to continue to enjoy fiction and fanac.
  • SF Site: SF news, reviews and links.
  • Solaris: Fondée en 1974, à Longueuil (Québec), par Norbert Spehner, Solaris est la plus ancienne revue de littérature fantastique et de science-fiction en français dans le monde.
  • Spicy Green Iguana: Over 206 magazine links to science fiction, horror and fantasy magazine sites.
  • SurLaLune Fairy Tales: A portal to the realm of fairy tale and folklore studies featuring 26 annotated fairy tales and over 1,000 illustrations.
  • Talebones: A semi-pro magazine featuring science fiction and dark fantasy from established and up-and-coming writers.
  • Well Read Books: Specializing in mystery, science fiction/fantasy new and used books, models, and memorabilia. Located in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Well Told Tales: Well Told Tales is a writer-centric Web site focused on HORROR, SCI-FI and CRIME entertainment.


Reviews of On Spec

  • Tangent Online: The genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993.